My little Disagreement of each morning

My little girl is four years old. Thanks to her I can imagine perfectly as it was Margaret Thatcher when she was small.Every morning I wake up with fear, just to think that I have to wake up her. First you must argue with her -Good morning Elena its a beautiful day! come on! get up! – But I want to sleep. Let me sleep.

She don´t move. I am pacifist, I must be patient, I must not start to shout…

I can entry in her room for four or more times each morning, trying to know how I am going to do this time. But the time is running.

-Please Elena, we must to go to school, come on or We will be late.

-But I don´t want to go to school.

I make her presents, all type of promise …and when I finally get to take her to the bathroom to wash her face, then:

-Mum, I don´t want this clothes. I don´t like them.

-But you loves pink!

-Not today mum.

This is when I realize me how hard is going to be my life. And still I must dress her, have breakfast and get her to the childcare. And we aren´t talking about afternoon.




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2 respuestas a “My little Disagreement of each morning

  1. Once, in a summercamp, I took the determination of not fighting anymore…. I explained that I was tired and let a couple of childs decide When they saw that I wasn`t joking, they choose to dress themselves and asked for help (of course, I helped them)
    Maybe. you only have to find her trigger
    And be ready to be strong 😉
    Suerte.guapísima… Bss

    Me gusta


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