My little Daring Girl


I want to tell you a story about how my little daughter is teaching me to be daring. No far in the time, one of these days I were walking with her to pick up her brother. She has been so rebel since she started school days (the different language must be affect us!)

Well, she started to say that she wanted ice cream, I said to her that I couldn´t give her the ice cream that I haven´t, but she wanted an ice cream. Then she stopped to walk. I was so stressed because I must to be in time to pick up her brother, but I decided to be calm. I decided be patient and wait. But  she was all the time angry, asking for her ice cream. Then, when I saw that I was starting to be really late, I started to walk with the hope that she would follow me.

When I looked back with my fingers crossed…she was following me! I was worrying with the time but I smiled her, and in this way,  we walked to the bus stop. She was always behind me walking slowly, so slowly…

When we must cross the road,  she continued asking for her ice cream, but she gave me the hand. I felt so good. For a short time, when we arrived to the curb, she dropped me hand.

We were arriving when she started another time to stop and saying that she didn´t wanted to walk more. I sat and try to speak with her but was impossible…Once again, I started to walk watching my back,  and she followed me at a short distance when I heard a shout.

When I looked to the shouts I saw a big woman in a Bus service car, who was shouting to Me. Yes, to me. All the street was looking to me. A perfect day. I didn´t believe it, why? I tried to understand her, She said that I must take to the girl, and that I was a bad mum, and she may throw herself to the road. She shouted me that while she drove the car with aggressiveness for park.

Let me tell you that I am very impulsive, too much. Suddenly I found myself responding with naturalness: Hey !, you are wrong, my daughter its only four years old but she isn´t crazy!

Sometimes I would not be myself. This was one. The big woman started to swell and become red, so much that at one point I thought it would explode. Luckily, she had already parked. Then she start to shout me in a very high level. She said me all type words less beauty. Then I saw my girl she was sad. I decided be daring.

I don´t know how I went to the car and I asome her window and told her: I don´t like that you are doing. Work with our children don´t entitle you to shout us or insult us. If I wanted I would give you problems because of this, but I don’t, because I’m not like you, I do not like to do harm to others. Then I took my daughter´s hand and we went to pick up my son.

I was scared. When we were going to cross the zebra crossing, already of turned, a car brake in dry. Was she another time. She made signs us of we can cross. I refused. Then she goes away doing all type of gestures. I breathe relieved. But I was worried I am not confident with this type of things. I confess that I am a bit cowardly, and I have fears that I do not understand.

My little was so nervous this day. All the day was so active, crying for all, and angry with me. The next morning wasn´t better.  So it was, that I ask for help in the childcare, and send messages asked for help to my Spanish friends. I´m lucky. They answered me that I must to try to speak with her. They were in true. I was speaking with her about a lot of things. She start to speak a lot of things so fast. In one moment she asked me, mum we are going to pick up Juan to the bus stop? Yes we are go to pick up him.-I answered to her.

-Are you bad mum- said her looking me with her big eyes- You are, because the big woman said that.

-Did you believe it? – I asked her

– She said it mum, am I bad?-she told me.

-No, Elena you are good, but sometimes you make things wrong, like me-I heard me answered

-why said her that you were bad?- I was in a trouble, I didn´t not how answered her, she was asking for confidence- Because she didn´t know nothing about us but she has a big bad mouth and when she open it start to shout to the others.

-I want to see her- said my little daring girl- I want to see the Bigbadmouth

When we arrive to the bus stop I was so scared and uncomfortable, but she was so calm. When we saw the car, my little Daring tell to me- I want to see the Bigbadmouth mum, Is she in the car?

I was so scared and say to her- I don´t know Elena, but I don´t want to go if you go perhaps I will be there.

Ok, mum I´m going-she is only four years old but in this moment she seemed to be a giant. when I saw her walking with step decide I only could thought in the Bigbadmouth shouting me another time for being separately of my daughter and I ran behind her to be close to her. We stopped at one step of the car´s door. This day the Bigbadmouth had in his face a big blacks glasses, and a hat. And she only looked the cellular. She looks a normal woman, no more strong than me, she was embarrassing of herself, (was evident!).

I started to feel better, daring to the life, and very proud of my little daring girl.

We repeat this situation another day. And I felt more better. I was not more angry, I have not fear and I was very granted to my daughter.





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