Be Careful, we are falling in love with Massachusetts

We arrive last night in the middle of the night. We were lost, the map indicated a invisible way that we weren´t capable of find. We were in any place of Ashburnham, Massachusetts. It was so dark, in one moment when we stopped to look for how to follow I could see a female deer, or something similar, fleeing of us. At last we arrived at a House, it had to be that. We driven the cars continued by the way of land, looking for a number but not were able to. All was dark, and we weren´t sure of this will be the house. It was amazing. The keys were in the place she has said.

Just in case, I went walking path back, carefully looking for the house´s number, I started to hear noises between the abundant vegetation. I decided that if the keys were there… that was the House. So fast like I could come back for the house. All were inside already. When I entry in the house I thought that I was in a dream. Was the paradise. It was obviously, it was the house of very special people. This Morning when I got up the light was touching all. My god! I love it.

Later when the morning was rainy we could not do some canoeing. It was so cold, but the smile has come back to my daughter´s face, (Someday I will tell about the Sheltered English Immersion Program). With All, the jacuzzi returned us blood to the veins. How can Autumn be so beautiful here?


Be Careful, we are starting for this nature plenty of colors.


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