My sweet and strange home

Since I reached to remember, my home produce in people some inusual feelings. The first strange feeling that you could had was a heavy sleepy. It´s true! It was extremely confortable, my parents had furnished it, thinking in a easy live with kids. The yellow light, the cozy furniture and house’s distribution could had contributed in the special sleepy enviroment.


We were accostumed to this enviroment, but as soon as a visit came trought the door he walked directled like hipnotized to the sofa for after falling on there.

Another  feeling strangeness was localized in a room of the second floor, we lived in a duplex, in the last floor, just in the roof, inside there was a big closet taking advantage of the slope of the ceiling. Ever you wanted, you could be in this room in completely silent and hearing some voices in a conversation. In the night you could listen them more clearly, because they used to be discussing.


Another thing was in my room… I never wanted to go bed, because when my mother turned off the light and closed the door, I could see with absoluty clarity the shades playing together. For this reason I always were granted for sleep with my sister, and I never missed to have a room for myself. I normally slept with my  pillow rounding my head, and the blankets plugging all myself.

Another curiosity of my home was the Television. It had its own life. It could turn on and turn off alone. In my home all of us were costume to this. My father ever explained us that its happened because it had a problem of breakdowns voltage. He was so confused the day that we changed it for a modern one, and it´s still happened.


I remember one Halloween´s nigth that my parents went out and we invited a friend to our home. After we had taken dinner, we started to speak about spirits, an then she started to tell an history of fear, about a house. When she finished, we started to tell her all about our home, because we had with her a lot of confidence . Suddenly the TVs turned on alone, and she jumped scared, we heared a reep, and when we look to her, She was frightened and her trousers have a big hole.

Few years later, my parents made a big reform in our home, when the workmen take off the fabric from the walls of my parent´s room,  they founded a big horse drawing with a strange simbols rounded him. Since the moment they painted all, my home weren´t the same, all had dissapeared. The TV never has turn on alone again.


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